Think20 Labs is creating a new dimension. We are an analytical testing laboratory for Hemp and Cannabis, but everything we do in here is different. We are challenging the way a laboratory understands the importance of Hemp and Cannabis testing and defines partnerships. Think20 Labs is an open and collaborative environment that uses creativity to challenge what we know and what we want to understand.

In here our consumers are safe, our partners are protected,
and the supply chain is secure.

 ISO 17025 Accreditation Pending
DEA Registration Number RT0571376



The Think20 Laboratory Information Management System provides real-time visibility to where samples are in the testing process. Transparency is critical, and every partner will have it from beginning to end.


Think20 guarantees Industry Leading Turnaround Times. Our experience in lab process and testing will result in fast and accurate results.



Think20 is investing in your future. Our equipment, our team, and our approach will place our partners in the best possible position today while also preparing them for the future.



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The T20 Partner Pak Program provides Think20 partners a simple and effective process that delivers consistent and compliant testing.  By establishing a standard sample submission process, Pak Partners receive a new level of services including guaranteed Turn-Around-Times and discounted pricing. 


customer to influencer.

Think20 Labs is creating dynamic social media content that stands on its own. Your product can be shared across all social media platforms through our T20Live Platform.

In here social media is different.



testing tHAT protectS.

Think20 Labs has assembled some of the best scientific minds in analytical testing and acquired the most advanced testing equipment available.  The results are transparency through the process, rapid turnaround times, and a focus on the future.


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Think20 Labs
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Provisional Registration Maryland ID: L-19-00001

DEA Registration Number RT0571376

Ph: 410-290-3905 


Think20 Labs
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