As always, a company starts with an idea.  This one started with the belief that we want to help to ensure the safety and efficacy of products that people use.  The name Think20, after a glass or two of wine, came about wanting individuals “Thinking” about products they use and 20 from 20 chromosomes which make up cannabis plants just as humans are made of 23 chromosomes.  Since Edward and I come from a genomics background by way of Illumina, 20 was a natural fit.  A big aspect of our company is that we want to be open and collaborative in a normally distrusting environment.  We feel this is needed to truly delve into and understand the beneficial aspects of this plant as it relates to mankind.  

A little about myself, I’m more of an introvert thus blogging does not come naturally.  I suspect this is one of the reasons I’ve been select as one of the nominees for authoring blog posts.  Employee engagement is important to me and I believe this comes from enabling employees by way of empowering them and ensuring they feel they have a voice in the company.  I consider myself extremely fortunate and privileged to have spent 10+ years at Illumina as it grew from a small company to what it is presently working with some incredible people.  Hopefully, much of what I can bring from that experience along with help from our team can ensure safety and efficacy as well as lead research to uncover in what ways cannabis can beneficially impact our health.